We're very close to Pam's parents, and we usually get together with them every week. 

They live only 10 minutes away, and are extremely active & involved grandparents. Since they're retired, they can always be counted on to lend a helping hand.  

They share a beautiful relationship with Matthew, and are so excited to forge a special unique connection with their next grandchild!

Pam doesn't have any siblings, but her aunts, uncles & cousins are very tight-knit. 

We all live within 2 hours & get together very often.  With 9 little cousins, there's no shortage of sweet playmates. 

We're so lucky that they get to grow up together, and our next child will be the newest member of their circle of rambunctious love! 



Hill's parents live about an hour away. We get together frequently & enjoy our time together.  Some of our fondest memories are their yearly summer family BBQs.  They're so looking forward to becoming grandparents again!  

Hill's brother in New Jersey also can't wait to have another niece or nephew.  We're so excited for our next child to experience treasured bonding moments with his or her Uncle B.

Every summer, we visit Hill's Aunt & Uncle in Saratoga.  We go to the racetrack, feed & pet the horses on the farm, and take in the country air.  This time spent without distractions has been invaluable, and we're so excited to continue this tradition as a family of four.

We also celebrate many holidays with Hill's parents, aunts, uncles & cousins.  They're all so ready to welcome another child into the family.



Who'll win the family wiffle ball game?

Nothing's better than a backyard summer BBQ

Hill kicking back with the Uncles for a favorite: watching football

Holiday playtime with the cousins 

Love getting together with Hill's cousins' family

Aunt Pam loves playing with cousins Gavin & Gracie

Uncle Hill's ready to catch Gracie!

The sweetest cuddles for new cousins